Kris is a long-time stand-up comedian and co-founder and vice-president of the Flyover Comedy Festival. He’s appeared at the prestigious Limestone Comedy Festival, the Bird City Comedy Festival, the Memphis Comedy Festival and Let’s Fest. He is a long-time producer of comedy shows in both Cleveland and St. Louis, and has criss-crossed the country bringing his brand of smart, personal comedy to crowds in every corner of the nation.


Kris is a veteran storyteller. Kris co-founded the popular Sorry, Please Continue…storytelling podcast which is a mix of traditional storytelling and improv/roast comedy. He also takes parts in popular Cleveland storytelling shows like Keep Talking and Story Club Cleveland.


Kris is part of a team that founded the Flyover Comedy Festival, a non-profit organization that hosts the first three-day comedy festival in St. Louis, Missouri. The festival, which began in 2017, is fast becoming one of the must-see comedy events in the Midwest. It’s funded by a mix of both private and grant funding. It’s grown year after year with no signs of slowing down.