Hello Cleveland!

Dear Friends:

I'm pleased to announce that I've accepted a position as managing producer of Cleveland.com! It's an amazing opportunity to grow in a position in a company that's taking big risks in journalism!

To all of my friends in the St. Louis comedy scene, I count you all among the best friends that I've ever had. It's been a thrill to share the stage and great times with such a group of talented, hardworking and amazing performers. I'm thrilled that I got to play a small role in the creation of a thriving independent group of comedy shows. You've listened to me complain, you've let me sleep on your couches and you bought me drinks when I was miserable. I'll never be able to repay you all for the kindness and great times we shared together.

To all of my dear co-workers, in my 10 years as a journalist, I've only had one other job that I could claim that I enjoyed every day of the week (and that was an internship). Never in a billion years did I think I'd end up in Quincy again, but the work and dedication that everyone here has made my time here a pleasure. We've had our challenges, but it's your hard work through uncertainty (and broken equipment) that makes it hard to ever complain about the work that we've managed to produce. I hope I've been able to impart a little bit of know-how to all of you.

To everyone else, this has been quite literally one of the toughest three years of my life. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of friendship and family that I've been able to come out of the other side of these great challenges a stronger person whose optimism has never been greater! 

I look forward to what is ahead. 

I love you all.